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How does this site work?

This site is prepared by and for coffee lovers to help you find good coffee when you go somewhere new. In simple terms this is a portal for you and your friends to let others know where the good coffee is.

Looking for good coffee….

…just enter the place you are heading to on the search page (we have endeavored to include all of those little towns and places that do good coffee as well as the cities) and the top coffee venues in that location will be listed. These places are rated by people like you, who have visited these cafes and ranked the coffee.

Or...you've been somewhere great for coffee and want to let others know.

For this site to work it needs you to enter places where you've had good coffee. Do this by going to the rate page and tell others what you think. Remember we are only interested in rating the coffee. We believe other stuff like food, ambience, location, view and décor are too personal and subjective. Service is a tricky one as slow or bad service can impact on your view of the coffee. For the meantime the way we have chosen to deal with this is let people make comment in the comments section. It will soon be obvious if service is an issue at that cafe.

Like everything, good coffee places change over time. The barista may change or they may change beans or something. To ensure we only provide the most current information to people we will endeavour to only rank sites that have been reviewed in the last 3 months. Once 3 months ticks over and no one has ranked it we will put a note on the ranking to ensure that people are aware of this.

It is not our intention to filter or censor your comments, however if we find that people are abusing this opportunity we will. Remember, it's just about good coffee. If you are a café owner and want to get a good ranking simply serve good coffee.

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