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Ray Kurzweil, in a foreword of the book The Intelligent Universe, outlines his view of the advancment of humns and technology and the coming Singularity.

"By 2029, sufficient computation to simulate the entire human brain, which I estimate at about 10to the power of 16 (10 million billion) calculations per second (cps), will cost about a dollar. By that time, intelligent machines will combine the subtle and supple skills that humans now excel in (essentially our powers of pattern recognition) with ways in which machines are already superior, such as remembering trillions of facts accurately, searching quickly through vast databases, and downloading skills and knowledge." See the full text here



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The current top five rated cafes
1. Arthur St Timaru [5.0] comments
2. Undeground - Victoria street Christchurch - Central city [5.0] comments
3. Aranda Cafe Christchurch - West [5.0] comments
4. Delux Wellington [4.7] comments
5. Gusto Wanaka [4.7] comments


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"Average coffee - slow service but on the plus side a nice cafe selling a wide range of coffee , teas etc "
Venue: Urge, Hamilton
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